“You have just launched your new marketing campaign but do you still rely on colleagues to ask the caller where they saw your advert when the phone rings? “


In business, “knowledge’ is the key. Knowing where to market your product or service is vital but that’s only half the story as ‘knowing’ who has called you is equally important to your marketing success.

Marketing is important whether you are just starting out or an established business, whatever size or age of your business the funds and time you decide to invest need to generate a return. Whilst an impressive advertising campaign designed with your ideal customer in mind is key, consideration to how and what happens if and when your customer will contact you is we believe equally important. If all leads and sales came from an online form process, it would be relatively easy to know which adverts provided the best return on investment but for most industries outside of ecommerce, including sectors such as recruitment, legal, automotive, and the housing market, the vast majority of leads and sales are still generated via the telephone.

Therefore, if a potential customer decides to follow-up your advert and call you how do you distinguish between which strategy is working well and those which may not be delivering the results you were expecting?

We explore how businesses can benefit from adding marketing numbers to their next marketing and advertising campaigns. Whether it’s for their print, website or email marketing by following our steps, you can gain better results from your next marketing campaign.



As suppliers of telephony equipment many of our customers decide to change their systems due a common set of criteria which is often due to one or a combination of the following

  • Relocating offices.
  • Reducing operational costs by migrating from ISDN to VoIP.
  • Expansion, whether this includes additional resource or a new building/extension.
  • Equipment is no longer supported by the manufacturer and therefore scarcity of replacement parts is a consideration for the future.
  • Additional features are required such as call recording or integration with new software such as CRM systems.

A modern telephone system brings many new features which will enhance the customer experience, however whilst a new system will undoubtedly improve the service you can offer your customers new features you don’t necessarily need to invest in new telephony equipment straight away to identify whether your marketing campaigns are actually delivering the required results.



Ideally, every company wants an all-round view of their marketing return on investment (ROI) to ensure the next campaign budget is invested from an informed perspective. Fortunately, with the availability of software, guesswork is gradually coming to an end, however we still hear that some organisations either believe the effort and facilities available to identify whether a marketing campaign was a success or a failure is still a challenge. Others either assume that it would be too difficult or costly to track the performance, whilst others do not measure the uptake and rely on the person who answers the call to remember to ask where the caller saw their advert.


In today’s marketplace the general increase in consumer uptake via smartphones and the effect of increased usage on consumers’ behaviour accelerates the need for greater insight into the link between a business’s marketing efforts and phone calls received. For many people their mobile device is also regularly used to find information, via a social media or web search, and then to call the number and place orders or discover further details.


How Does Call Tracking Software Work?

Call tracking software enables companies to instantly and cheaply identify the performance of any type of telephone number such as an 0800, 0845, 0333 or a local number.

Your specific numbers can be assigned labels and tags so that they can easily be searched and tracked to identify how the campaign is performing within the software.

Additionally, your marketing team whether in-house or your contracted agency can associate a series of unique numbers with particular marketing campaigns such as TV or radio ads, print collateral and social media adverts. When a customer calls, the unique number instantly reports the source of the advert based on the phone number you have associated with it. Additionally, call tracking software can also provide additional information such as the time the call was made, geolocation of the caller, whether the call was answered and if the numbers are not withheld the caller’s landline or mobile number which can be exported and used within other systems.


Basic Call Tracking

Initially call tracking software can associate a campaign with a single business telephone number. This can allow a business to quickly monitor phone statistics like the volume, location and duration of calls. This form of call tracking can be effective if, for example, a business wants to gauge how many sales calls last less than 40 seconds which is the voice equivalent of a bounce rate when measuring web activity. Businesses may also want to identify if all the enquiries are being answered and within the required waiting time.


Advertising Campaign-Based Tracking

It’s not uncommon for even small-to-medium sized business to operate several advertising campaigns simultaneously. A company might have three different groups of adverts based on different products or services. Campaign-based call tracking solutions using a variety of numbers such as 0845, 0333 or local 01, 02 assigned to a different product, paid search advert group or an individual advert provide a very useful insight into the campaign effectiveness. Using call tracking software marketing and sales departments can now easily separate calls that originate from specific adverts




Call tracking enables companies to determine which offline engagements such a mailshots and publication advertising add the most value. There is no longer a need to ask the caller, “How did you find us?” Some marketing departments especially those which offer mass circulation services via mailshots have often struggled to identify which campaign offers the best return.

For example, imagine your business wants to run a series of adverts in various publications but you cannot determine which demographic will offer the best ROI. You might find yourself running ads in a regional magazine style publication, a sector specific magazine and a local newspaper.    In order to know which ads are driving the most sales, you will need to give three separate phone numbers. Call tracking systems can then let you know which adverts are driving the most sales.

In many industries tradeshows enable the company to promote their products and services. Marketing departments have often been challenged to quantify the ROI of the trade show marketing investment. If your business advertises in a trade-show magazine, passes out fliers to interested parties and gives a presentation, you can assign a unique number to each of those potential customer engagements. Your business will then be able to associate their efforts with a clear ROI, so that you can determine the level of visitor engagement for future activities.


How to implement a Simple Call Tracking Strategy?

An effective call tracking strategy should be designed to work alongside whatever telephone system you already use, Whilst, you can the benefit from additional features from a telephone system such advertising messages specific to the product or service when the caller rings, your initial focus is to get the customer to call your business. Call-tracking solutions rarely require specific hardware as the software which manages the interaction is cloud based enabling the business to access the data and metrics remotely.

Businesses must however understand the cost breakdown of potential call-tracking solutions. At Spire Business Communications we would therefore recommend asking your supplier the following questions:


  • the rental cost per number whether you decide on a 0800 a local 01 or 02 number?
  • The cost per minute when the number is dialled?
  • If a set-up charge exists?
  • Is a web based console available to monitor performance?
  • If a minimum call charge exists?
  • the minimum commitment required?
  • Are additional features such as the recording of calls available to evaluate the customer experience?
  • Is the platform scalable to be able to introduce additional customer focussed features such as dynamic call routing to different office locations via a menu choice?

We recognise every business owner whether they operate a small, medium or enterprise understands the importance of ROI (Return on Investment). Operating on a budget requires the justification that every pound is invested correctly to ensure the optimum return. Understanding therefore how effective your marketing strategy is performing is an important factor for long-term success. Tracking numbers help and are a low cost and effective solution which enables business owners and individuals responsible for the marketing budget to identify the level of marketing effectiveness from online advertising to email campaigns, radio and the distribution of printed flyers. With this data available at your fingertips you can now adjust your marketing strategies quickly and react from an informed perspective.


Do I Need Call Tracking Software?

Before you embark on implementing Call Tracking Software consider the following questions…

  • Do our products or services make sufficient revenue from calls received into th   business to actually justify this investment?
  • How well are we currently analysing our current data received from phone calls and where is this information stored?
  • What is the typical value of a sales call if a call is not answered?
  • Is there someone in the company which can report on the data being captured?
  • If we invest in this software and several numbers, how do we define success?

Depending on your responses will determine which platform and telecoms company will be able to help you.


For further information, including a trial of our Call Tracking Software and numbers, please call us on 0330 2050200’.