Spire Communication’s lines and calls packages offer the supply and ongoing rental for Analogue exchange lines, ISDN2e, ISDN30e and SIP trunks (VoIP Lines) with each line type provided along with competitive and cost effective call rates that are tailored to your business.

When did you last review your monthly/annual telecoms spend?

We carry out a full analysis on your current lines & calls rentals giving you projected cost savings and at the same time providing a full audit of your current services.

Some benefits of moving to Spire Communications

  • Project managed ordering & installation – No need to deal with BT’s complex Call Centres
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Seamless transfer when you move your lines to Spire Communications – No disruption to business
  • Faults managed/logged by Spire Communications, lines still maintained by BT Openreach engineers
  • Huge savings on BT line rental
  • One number to call for all your services
  • Small, friendly support team
  • One Simple itemised billing


With analogue lines you can still retain your current numbers.

We can provide single analogue lines typically used for faxes, PDQ’s and broadband provisions, as well as multi line used on both legacy and modern telephone systems.


With ISDN you can still retain your current numbers.

ISDN2e is a digital telephone line which gives you 2 voice channels for inbound and outbound calls and scalable typically to 4 lines (8 channels) Once you require more than 8 channels it is more often than not more cost effective to upgrade to ISDN30e.

ISDN30e is provided with a minimum of 8 channels and a maximum of 30 channels per circuit for inbound and outbound calls. If more than 30 channels is required you can simply request for an additional circuit that can be opened in single channel increments.

VoIP Lines (SIP Trunks)

Traditional voice lines are mostly delivered on copper directly from a local exchange, capacity is typically reliant on the amount of available pairs at the premise and scalability in the exchange and local cabs. New provides and fault finding is highly labour intensive, and quite often very expensive with lead times for fault repairs and new provisions becoming unrealistic for business continuity.

VoIP explained in simple terms is voice transmission delivered over a data network, in the case of SIP trunks this is carried out using either a dedicated/shared internet connection or private data circuit that is connected directly to the SIP provider thus providing managed quality of service.

What with the recent rise in fibre connectivity to both homes and businesses, the internet is now fast and reliable enough for businesses to make the switch, enabling vast cost savings on line rental and increased delivery speeds from point of order.

SIP trunks can be connected directly to your telephone system behind a firewall or SBC (Session Border Controller) or we can provide SIP gateways that connect directly to your existing Analogue, ISDN2e/ISDN30e line card  on your phone system.

Benefits of ISDN

  • Direct dial numbers available in blocks of 10
  • Trunk to trunk transfer (Transfer off premise)
  • Inbound caller line identity
  • Outbound caller identity allowing individual extensions or groups to send their personal number to line when dialling out
  • Total voice clarity

Multi Location VoIP

VoIP is also used for businesses that have more than one site, this enables multiple phones systems (nodes) to connect as one large single system offering full transparency between locations. On Premise phone systems also have the option of connecting IP handsets both on the Local Area Network enabling ease of deployment and administration. Home/remote workers can also adopt this technology and have a handset or softphone connected as though they were sitting in the office.

Some benefits of VoIP

VoIP Lines (SIP Trunk) Benefits

  • Integrate with your telephone system
  • Single Direct Dial Numbers can be purchased – No need to order blocks of 10 or more
  • Trunk to trunk transfer (Transfer off premise)
  • Toll quality voice clarity
  • Simple, fast ordering to delivery times – SIP trunks/DDI’s can be provided and additions upgraded instantly (ISDN can take up to 60 days)
  • Availability of out of area numbers including international numbers that can ring directly in to your business giving you calling presence from any location. Outbound calling presentation can also be manipulated to show any number as long as you own it.
  • Moving Office and currently on ISDN or Analogue? Not a problem – i4 SIP trunks allow you to port your number onto SIP and provide at a location of your choice
  • Free SIP to SIP calling
  • Low bespoke call rates

Cloud and Inbound Numbering

Inbound numbering isn’t just limited to Non-Geographic like 03 & 08, geographic numbers (01,02 etc.) can also be requested as a virtual number giving you the flexibility to market your business and have a presence outside of your main office location.

Geographic & Non-Geographic numbers (033,030,080,0843,0844.0845 & 0871) all work in the same way, they can simply be pointed a landline or mobile number of choice, your services on the target number are not affected. If you have existing cloud numbering, like fixed line and mobile i4 Comms can arrange porting onto one of our preferred carriers.

Whether you choose geographic or non-geographic numbering i4 Comms offer great flexibility. Calls can be routed base on time, location, via an IVR platform or translating call content into an email. If you are unsure which numbers or features are suitable for your business, give us a call, we are here to help.

Important changes to Non-Geographic inbound numbering

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