Simplifying Data Connectivity

Your internet connectivity is fast becoming the lifeline of your business. Security, reliability and cost are paramount, Spire Communications can provide an extensive range a packages to meet your needs.

Traffic prioritisation – put your voice requirements first

Traffic prioritisation means that traffic will be prioritised across the network, with time and business critical applications such as voice and VPN being at the top of the list. HTTP, HTTPS and email will sit in the middle with media streaming and P2P at the bottom of the priority list.

Unlimited usage – no unexpected charges

Unlike other broadband products in the market, all of our fibre broadband products are offered without download limits – making it easy for you to manage your costs without unexpected data charges creeping in.


The standard cost and SSP for fibre broadband installation is £80, but a migration from an existing FTTC connection is free. A VDSL modem and new master socket faceplate will be installed for each fibre broadband provision. This modem has an Ethernet port, which must be connected to a router.

The average lead time for installation is 7 – 10 working days, relating directly to engineer availability in your area. No engineer visit is required for a migration from an existing FTTC to Spire Communications fibre broadband.


Spire Communications can provide a pre-configured WiFi router if required, including delivery to the end users’ address.


All fibre broadband products from Spire Communications are offered with 24/7/365 first line support to ensure the quickest possible resolution.

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