Gateway2Lease Testimonial

“Here at Gateway2Lease we are a family run business in Worcestershire that is now over 10 years old. We grew very quickly and have built a great structure with strong local links. To continue to grow, we need partners like Spire, that are flexible and provide a service with the sole purpose of offering the right products tailored to our individual business needs.

We needed a hosted telephone system with call recording that was easily accessible while adhering to data protection and strict legislation laws. Our suppliers at the time could not provide this and we were unhappy with their service. There was no flexibility or options to downsize or switch products at any time, contracts were restrictive and we felt that we did not benefit in anyway by agreeing to such strict terms. We also found that the billing was often very complicated to understand and they were unable to provide us with the right service for our business needs.

We needed a company that was completely transparent, offered the right solution and provided great service. I knew going forward I wanted a local and trustworthy provider. There is a lot to be said about going with local independent businesses. Big corporate companies cannot often match the level of service and detail that independent businesses can offer. For example in my experience larger companies may be able to offer every service in one package but they do not have the key communication skills needed to deal with clients or have the speed of response required in the event of any issues. They are quick to sell or upgrade packages without understanding your actual requirements when a simpler or cheaper solution can often be the better choice.

We found Spire to be the right company for us. Having met on many occasions with the Spire team, we built a relationship that gave me complete confidence and trust in them which is incredibly important to us at Gateway2Lease. I know we get what we need, when its needed, with no unnecessary add-ons. Spire never push you to upgrade or buy, the team spend the time to get to know their clients and their business needs ensuring they offer the right tailored solutions.

Switching providers is not always quick and simple but in my experience Spire has made that process slick and as easy as it could have been. We didn’t lose any service during the switch over period which was paramount to the running of Gateway2Lease. They have offered us a tailored solution that has proven to be effective and reliable ensuring we are compliant as well as giving me the confidence to know that we are all able to work remotely if needed.

My experience with Spire has been excellent and will continue to be, I’m sure. Spire always did what they said they would do, have always been contactable, responding quickly and welcoming all queries. You often feel accountable when recommending a service to a friend or connection but I do this with confidence. I would strongly recommend Spire, they are a local company that you can trust to deliver with a completely transparent process from the start to the finish.”


1. Work with a company that you trust.

2. The big national providers are not always the best as they can often be focused on just selling not on providing a good service.

3. Do your research.

4. Understand who your dealing with and what you want from a provider.

5. Search for reviews and ask questions.

6. Meet the teams.

7. Find out what roles these companies play from start to finish. Are they there with you through every step of the way?

8. I would strongly recommend Spire.

Rob Marshall, Gateway2Lease – Operations Director

Worcester Warriors Testimonial

Worcester Warriors are a professional rugby club with a multi-conference and events complex within its stadium. The offices work around the clock in the background ensuring everything runs smoothly. It would be catastrophic if services dropped. Not being able to communicate externally and between departments would be disastrous, especially on match days.

Looking back 4 years, the offices at Worcester Warriors were using standard phone lines and needed to upgrade to VoIP (Voice over internet protocol which uses a data connection (the internet) rather than a traditional phone line). VoIP is less expensive and easier to operate and manage.

National telecoms companies, as well as smaller businesses, were approached to find the best solution. However, all providers came back with excessive quotes and complicated proposals. All of which were dismissed due to budgets and time restraints.

Brought in initially as consultants to offer straightforward and impartial advice, Spire suggested an innovative and affordable solution. Rather than replacing the existing system, Spire upgraded everything, saving the Warriors in excess of £35,000. The upgrade had the added benefits of using both digital and VoIP giving an effective disaster recovery plan.

The relationship between Warriors and Spire naturally grew. Now, 4 years on, Spire provides all their voice services.

Gene Willis, Head of Stadium Operations

“Spire has become our provider for all voice services including; mobiles, lines and calls, internet, marketing lines and disaster recovery. Combining all these services into one provider simplified our communications needs. We now have one contact for everything, one consultant to cover all aspects.

I chose to combine all our services with Spire because of how tirelessly they work for us and their excellent communication and customer service skills. The mobile contract we had before Spire was appalling. They worked excessively to get us what we needed.

One of the positives of working with Spire is having one consultant covering all of our comms needs. We have that many suppliers to deal with, its great knowing that I can make one call and speak to the same knowledgeable person each time who will quickly and efficiently solve any issues. Communication is vital and the key to a successful collaborative relationship.

We often come up with challenges that Spire have gone above and beyond to achieve. As part of our disaster recovery plan, an analogue phone line was installed, so if all systems go down, we are able to contact emergency services. I requested a red phone to be used for this sole purpose and of course Spire sourced and delivered.

It feels like a font of knowledge when talking to the Spire team. They discuss everything thoroughly with our tech team and keep me informed at each stage. I don’t need to know the intricacies of all the technology, I just need to know the basics and be confident that my team are fully informed and understand the day to day running of what is installed.

SMBs would gain a lot from the expertise that Spire has to offer and larger businesses would benefit from the simplicity of having just one provider and one contact to cover all their comms needs.

The Spire team are very personable and make a great deal of effort to meet our needs. They know our requirements and understand the eccentricities of rugby and the sports sector. Often you will find wide gaps between departments within organisations and Spire recognises the need to bridge between them.

There are no sales teams at Spire, no telephone operators reading from scripts and their clients do not have to wait weeks for an engineer to be available. If you have an issue, it takes one call and Spire will resolve it. National and larger businesses simply cannot match this level of service.

The fact that Spire will pop by to drop off a delivery rather than put it in the post just shows the level of commitment they have for their clients.

They go the extra mile to ensure clients are happy and want for nothing.

Choosing Spire has been a good investment for us. They are easy to work with, very personable and approachable. They get the job done, which is what is most important. If I didn’t trust Spire to provide an excellent service, then they wouldn’t be here.”

Sasha Roberts – Marketing Manager

“At Worcester Warriors we are not just a sporting Stadium. We are also a multi-conference and events complex. Running multiple campaigns at any one time, we need to be able to track the effectiveness and success of each individual marketing campaign.

This is achieved thanks to Spires installation of multiple lines. By assigning a unique number to each campaign, we are able to track individual leads, generating valuable qualitative and quantitative data.

Being able to use the different lines is brilliant for us. We now track our return on investment across all our online and print activity. This ensures we use the most effective campaigns for future Marketing based on the highest success rates. It is easy to update and rename lines based on the current campaign. Daily, weekly and monthly reports allow us to stay up-to-date with current trends.

Since having a platform which provides multiple tracking numbers installed, we have learnt so much valuable information about our reach and response rates. We have made changes to maximise our opportunities as a direct result of this.

A recent campaign using our multiple numbers allowed us to track direct sales of 129 Season Tickets from 78 calls received within a 24 hour period.I would highly recommend Spires inbound Tracking Platform for any multi-event organisation or business that sells a variety of products. Reports are instantly available after going live, and the service is simple to use.”

Drainjet Sureveys Limited Testimonial

Established in 2003, Drainjet Surveys Limited is a company that specialises in drainage surveys, cleaning and investigatory work. Based in a very remote location, with no phone line or internet connection the day to day running of the business was being affected and needed to be resolved.

Having originally approached a large national supplier Lindsey Smith – Managing Director of Drainjet Surveys Limited was advised to have a phone line installed. Weeks of chasing passed and after being let down by the supplier on many occasions Lyndsey cancelled the contract. Based on a recommendation from a Midlands-based business, Lyndsey approached Spire for help.

Spire could have simply provided a new line but instead recommended a much simpler and more affordable solution. By using a simple mobile 4G wifi device, Lyndsey’s business could be connected to the outside world within hours, with no fuss or need to pay for unnecessary work. This offered a greater level of flexibility and unlike the national supplier’s solution, no long contracts.

“I chose to go with Spire because I trusted in the team to deliver. They offered me a simple, affordable and effective solution that solved all our issues. I am very happy with the outcome.

My experience with national suppliers showed me that they were unreliable and untrustworthy.

I would strongly recommend Spire for their communications or business management solutions. They build up a personal relationship with their clients that shows they genuinely care about your business. It just takes one phone call and any issues or queries are dealt with. There are no call centres or automated messages, just a knowledgeable and friendly member of the team at the end of the phone, ready to help!”

Lindsey Smith – Managing Director, Drainjet Surveys Limited

Reviews and Testimonials

At Spire we truly value what our customers are saying about us. Read below to find some of the reviews of service and testimonials some of our 2000+ happy customers have given us.

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 17 reviews
by Martin Lazell - A-Plan insurance on Spire Communications

This was the first time I had used Spire Communications and I found them to be knowledgeable and only concerned with meeting my requirements, not boosting their bank balance! The service was swift and through no fault of their own one item had to be returned, this really was a non-issue after the way they took care of if it.

by Boo Steward - Alliance Leisure on Spire Communications
New Hosted Telephone System

The team at SPIRE are the most helpful and friendly people to work with. They assessed our complex business needs, understood what our business objectives were and delivered a very competent system and within budget, at all times acting with total professionalism. Our transition from our old provider to Spire went through without any complications.
We would have no hesitations in recommending them to any of our business clients.

by Graham Eason - Great Escape Cars, Redditch on Spire Communications
Rapid Response!

A quick note to express my thanks to you and particularly your engineer for resolving the line issue yesterday. Migrating everything to Spire will clearly avoid a similar 'supplier conflict' issue in the future and I was very impressed by the speed with which you picked this up, particularly when the issue was with BT.I appreciate this was frustrating for all concerned but your engineer dealt with the situation quickly and professionally.

by Zoey Keay, Renaissance Creative Design and Print Ltd, Coventry on Spire Communications
New Broadband

Everything is going really well with the new data circuit – feedback so far from the team is that it’s really fast and a big improvement!So a big thank you from all here! We have a new web developer starting with us on Monday – so he’ll be the first to really test it! Looking at migrating our sites across to new servers which should be much easier now! Thanks again!

by Lisa Grimes - Utilisave Limited, Birmingham on Spire Communications
Replacement Hosted Telephone System

The team at SPIRE are the most helpful and friendly people to work with. They assessed our needs, understood our business objectives then delivered to us on time, within budget and with professionalism. They made our transition from our old provider really smooth and would recommend them to any of our business clients.

by Tony Jean & Sally Eaves on Spire Communications

On behalf of all at Niagara Blinds & Curtains, I would like to express our thanks to the team at Spire for providing a communications system at our new premises in Martin Hussingtree. At the time of our initial enquiry all we could show them was a concrete base in the middle of a field some distance from the nearest BT telephone connection. Our challenge to provide Broadband and a telephone system to a proposed building without the need of expensive BT telephone poles and cables was taken in their stride. They did just that without involving us with BT. Spire are great people to work with, efficient, friendly, professional and nothing too much trouble. There were several issues along the way to which they responded without delay and again without involving us with BT. They fully understood our requirements from day one and provided a "no hassle" answer to our challenge. We would recommend them without hesitation.

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