Avaya IP Office 500

Connect & collaborate in real time using Office phones, smartphones, tablets, video conferencing systems and laptops. A simple, powerful SME & Midmarket collaboration solution


The Avaya IP Office phone system is a Complete Business Communications solution for small and medium sized businesses. Spire Communications are able to help your company benefit from its powerful capabilities and help your employees work smarter and serve your customers more effectively.

Avaya IP Office is a highly modular unified communications platform designed to meet the requirements of home offices, standalone businesses, and networked branch and head offices for small and medium sized organizations.

The award-winning IP Office gives growing companies a complete solution for telephony, messaging, networking, conferencing, customer management and unified communications.

In a single, compact solution, Avaya IP Office provides an unprecedented set of leading edge communications capabilities to help your employees work smarter and communicate with customers more effectively.

Create your most productive mobile workforce. Easily and cost-effectively increase communications capacity, adding enhanced capabilities as your business expands. Gain business and customer service efficiencies. Avaya IP Office is easily customized to meet the communications needs of any small, midsize, enterprise branch, and growing business. Flexibility, scalability, and options are built right in:

  • Go from basic telephony to the most sophisticated unified communications.
  • Grow from five employees to 1,000 (at a single site) 2,500 users across network
  • Network up to 32 locations.
  • Launch easy communications for everyone: office workers, mobile workers, receptionists, teleworkers, and customer service agents and supervisors.
  • Use IP, digital, analogue, or SIP—in any combination. IP Office can interoperate with more than 2 million Avaya systems worldwide.
  • Scale cost-effectively as your business grows. Simply build on what you have, without the need to replace technology.
  • Combine IP Office with Avaya data networking, security features, intuitive system management tools, and affordable services support for a comprehensive communications solution.
  • IP Office offers full single site redundancy in case of hardware failure offering intelligent failover, giving your business an even more reliable and robust Unified Communications Solution.

Avaya IP Office

IP Office editions

IP Office also offers advanced features such as audio and video conferencing and voice over IP to meet the evolving needs of small, medium, and large enterprises.

IP Office is available in many deployment models based on the size of the enterprise and the features required using one or all the following elements:

  • Virtualized IP Office software running in a virtual machine
  • Dedicated server
  • IP Office 500 version 2 (IP500 V2) control unit
Edition Platform Business Size Business Need
Basic IP500 V2 <25 Simple telephony and messaging
Essential IP500 V2 20-99 Basic Edition capabilities plus IP telephony with essential mobility
Preferred IP500 V2 21-250 Essential Edition capabilities plus unified communications with preferred mobility
Server Edition Linux Server, IP500 V2 and Linux Expansion 100-2500 Essential Edition capabilities plus unified communications with preferred mobility
Server Edition Select
Linux Server, IP500 V2 and Linux Expansion 100-2500 Essential Edition capabilities plus unified communications with preferred mobility

IP Office Essential and Preferred editions are also referred to as IP Office Standard Mode. Each edition builds upon the next to offer additional functionality: Essential requires Basic and Preferred requires Essential.

Avaya IP Office Applications

Avaya one-X® Portal for IP Office

Avaya one-X® Portal for IP Office provides users control of their telephone from a networked PC. Use this application with any extension; analog, digital or any IP telephone, wired or wireless, that is available as part of the Office Worker, Power User or Teleworker user licenses.

Avaya one-X® Portal for IP Office is a server-based application that the user accesses via web browser.

For Telecommuter mode, One-X applications require answer supervision and disconnect detection for proper functioning. As a result, the one-X applications will not work with trunks that do not support answer supervision and disconnect detection.

System administrators can control if Avaya one-X® Portal for IP Office can be accessed over a secure protocol only, recommended for hosted deployments to provide “secure only” access. The other option is to allow users to access the client over a secure and unsecure protocol (HTTP/HTTPS). The client application forces users to change their passwords and voicemail passcodes to meet the complexity settings configured by the administrator.



Avaya one-X® Mobile

Avaya one-X® Mobile is an application that mobile users use to connect to IP Office.

Avaya one-X® Mobile works in call-back telephony mode. For example, when a user initiates a call from the client, IP Office initiates a call to the caller’s mobile device and then dials the destination. This mode offers cost savings to users in countries where incoming voice calls are free or for users who have a cheaper unlimited voice plan as compared with a data plan.

The one-X Mobile Preferred mobility client also works in Voice over IP (VoIP) mode. In the VoIP mode, the client makes calls over Wi-Fi/3G/4G data networks. The client, using its underlying SIP stack, registers with IP Office over the data network and functions as an office extension.

Users in countries where incoming calls are charged will see a significant cost savings in the VoIP mode especially when on Wi-Fi networks. The availability of both call-back and VoIP modes on the mobility client will enable users to toggle between the modes based on their network connections. This will empower end-users to make a choice of the appropriate mode based on their voice and data plan as well as the availability and quality of their data connection (WiFi/3G/4G). For example,

  • The user can choose the call-back mode when he or she doesn’t have Wi-Fi access and the 3G data connection is not providing good quality for voice.
  • The user can choose the VoIP mode when he or she has access to a mobile hotspot where a Wi-Fi data connection is available or when the 3G or 4G data connection is good.

One one-X Mobile Preferred mobility client supports VoIP mode on both iOS and Android devices. VoIP mode is available with the Power User profile. Users with Mobile Worker profiles can only use call-back mode. VoIP mode does not require an IP endpoint license. The following features are available:



Avaya IP Office Endpoints

Avaya Communicator

Avaya Communicator is a collaboration software client that delivers an innovative interface for real time communications for Windows and on the iPad. It enables users to handle phone calls, instant messages, conferencing, web collaboration, presence, enterprise contacts and e-mail, all from a single interface. Avaya Communicator delivers the intuitive graphic design of spotlights, media menu, notification bar, and contact cards.

Avaya Communicator for IP Office communicates with both IP Office and Avaya one-X® Portal to provide communication and collaboration features. Telephony features such as make/receive calls, hold/unhold, mute/unmute, DTMF, MWI etc. are provided by IP500 V2 and UC features such as IM, presence, and enterprise contacts are provided by the Avaya one-X® Portal server.

If Avaya one-X® Portal server is unavailable, either due to licensing restriction or connectivity issues, the Avaya Communicator client will work in a telephony-only mode providing only telephony features. Interoperability with Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise allows the Flare Communicator client to be used by users with the Remote Worker profile and register with IP Office without requiring a VPN connection.




Avaya IP Office Video Softphone

The Avaya IP Office Video Softphone is a full feature telephony client that supports standard telephony features on Mac operating systems.

An IP Office Video Softphone Mac license is required. Existing customers can use the older versions on their respective supported operating systems after upgrade, however Avaya will not distribute older versions for Mac and Windows. Existing customers who used IP Office Video Softphone Mac through purchase or Teleworker, Power User or Mobile User license (or upgrade) are entitled to use the new version of the Mac client after upgrading to the latest version of IP Office. IP Office Video Softphone works on Mac OS 10.8 or 10.9 in the following languages: English, Spanish, French and Russian.

IP Office Video Softphone for Windows is no longer supported. Existing users must use Avaya Communicator for Windows.

IP Office Video Softphone includes the following features:

  • Single message window to view all messages
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF) busy beep support
  • Instant messaging
  • Video conference for up to six participants
  • Support for the G.722 codec option
  • Multiple tabs for calls, contacts and logs
    • On the Phone tab, users can type a number or name and then make a phone or video call
    • On the Contacts tab, users can type a name in the search field to find matching contacts, then right-click for possible actions (audio call, video call, instant message)
  • Two operating modes: client mode and application mode

Several audio headset options for wireless headsets and full hook-switch support

Avaya Softphone2


Avaya IP Office Endpoints

9600 IP Endpoints


9608 and 9608G IP Deskphone

The 9608 Deskphone is a cost-effective fully functional phone. The 9608G Deskphone adds support for integrated gigabit. Designed for small to large enterprises, these deskphones include access to eight lines and graphical labels that can be administered centrally. In select countries and regions, the deskphones are available in global models without English language text on the faceplates. Also, a contact centre model provides simplified access to greetings, in-queue call monitoring, agent status updates, and more


9611G IP Deskphone

This model includes integrated gigabit and a USB interface. It has a 3.5 inch graphical colour display with a white backlight and graphical labels that can be administered centrally. In select countries and regions, the 9611G deskphone is available as a global model, without English language text on the faceplates. Also, a contact centre model provides simplified access to greetings, in-queue call monitoring, agent status updates, and more


9621G IP Deskphone

The 9621G IP Deskphone delivers gigabit capability and touchscreen functionality on a 4.3 inch color touchscreen


9641G IP Deskphone

This desktop phone delivers advanced capabilities with 4.7 inch colour touchscreen, wideband speaker, USB interface, and gigabit to the desktop. Also, a contact centre model provides simplified access to greetings, in-queue call monitoring, agent status updates, and more

1600 IP Endpoints


1603 IP Deskphone

Designed for walk-up users in building lobbies and other public spaces, the 1603 supports three line appearances/feature keys, each with dual LEDs to show status. Fixed feature keys include conference, transfer, drop, hold, mute, and a two-way speakerphone


1608 IP Deskphone

Also for users with basic communication needs, the 1608 supports eight line appearances/feature keys with dual LEDs. It includes several fixed feature keys for common tasks, including conference, transfer, drop, hold and mute. In addition, it features a two-way speakerphone, a headset jack and an extra 10/100 Ethernet port for a co-located laptop or PC.


1616 IP Deskphone

With support for 16 line appearances, bridged appearances, or feature keys, the 1616 model is designed for users who monitor their own extensions in addition to other lines. It features a backlit display on a separately adjustable hinge, and like the 1608, it provides a headset jack and an extra 10/100 Ethernet port.

9500 Digital Endpoints


9504 Digital Deskphone

The 9504 Digital Deskphone is designed for light phone users with straightforward needs. It offers 12 administrable feature buttons, high-quality speakerphone, wired and wireless headset support, a context-sensitive interface, and a four-way navigation cluster.


9508 Digital Deskphone

This phone has a large, easy-to-read display, and provides multiple feature keys, speed dials, and call logs. This phone provides 24 configurable feature buttons on three levels, a two-way speakerphone, active call appearances for easier call handling, wired and wireless headset support, a context-sensitive interface, and a four-way navigation cluster.

1400 Digital Endpoints


1403 Digital Deskphone

Designed for visitors and other occasional users, this phone provides a simple, familiar interface. It is ideal for common locations of office phone systems, including stockrooms, lobbies, or drop-in desks. The 1403 is compatible with the Avaya IP Office™ Platform only.


1408 Digital Deskphone

Designed for cubicle workers, sales staff, and other users with relatively simple telephone needs, the 1408 office phone system delivers a straightforward, productivity enhancing interface.


1416 Digital Deskphone

This deskphone is designed for receptionists, assistants, managers and other navigator users—people who answer incoming calls, transfer customers, and monitor several lines throughout a typical day. This phone provides the most one-touch line/feature/speed-dial buttons, improving productivity and eliminating the need to scroll through on-screen lists.